With releases on Congo Natty, Liquid V, True Playaz
and more recently on A Sides Eastside Records, works
with Marcus Visionary and Potential Bad Boy this
man is respected by his peers. Include live work
upfront for Ltj Bukem and DJ Marky to that list to
really complete your picture.

In a world where artists survive 20 seconds, it is a direct link to his talent that this year marks Spikey Tee (the artist) 27th year as an active participant in the culture of music. It isn’t a business for him, it’s life and that’s why he’s still around today with every one of his musical journeys making a statement and permanent attachment to the listeners soul… Spikey makes me want to sing. Every time I hear a lyric I almost subconsciously start singing it. After a day of listening, the night is spent singing. See, Spikey (the artist) sings about the truth. He tells real stories. His story. And that he can somehow translate to everyone’s story. This is a great gift and we are all lucky to have an opportunity to share in it. History is all well and good but as an artist you’re only as good as your last performance which for Spikey (the artist) is either unleashing his angelic voice in the studio or DJ’ing across many lands, absolutely laying down the law from drum n bass, back to reggae and all his influences in between. What is commonly known as ‘mash up’ sets these days Spikey’s execution of is and will continue to be legendary – new names for an old game when it comes to dealing with Spikey. Impromptu guest vocalist with Morcheeba at the Days Like This Festival in Sydney (after many years of being a firmly lauded member) I’m continually humbled to have experienced such a truly, talented, gracious and absolute joker of a human and finally after many years of making everyone else’s albums sound amazing, he’s working on one to call his own. Very apt for the 27th year in his musical life… This is an enormous year for us the listener as we take this journey around the world with Spikey the DJ, the singer and the artist so grab on for the ride because people like Spikey do not come round very often. Spikey Tee (the person) is an amazing character. Put that on a stage and Spikey Tee (the artist) will simply take that and give you a performance that will make you feel larger and more positive than anything you could ever imagine…