Queen Anne’s Revenge + RK9 + The Gentleman Squatter & MC Metronoom

We have a special package deal. For their first European tour you can get Queen Anne’s Revenge from the Middle-East together with RK9 & The Gentleman Squatter.


Queen Anne’s Revenge (IL) [PRSPCT RVLT]  — Live!

Neuropunk from the Middle East. There debut EP straightly signed to PRSPCT recordings in market leader in crossovers. Queen Anne’s Revenge’s debut EP on PRSPCT Recordings is not one to be taken lightly. A crushing 3 track EP that deliverers hard as f*** chopped up amens, kicks and all thing great and dirty Breakcore has to offer. Production quality is almost too good for a debut EP. Q.A.R are for sure a force to recon with! And their live sets will be from another worlds as well. You can enjoy their European tour debut.


RK9 (NL) [Construct Massive/Breakcore.nl/2C-Broadcast]

Is a young breakcore producer from Rotterdam with multiple releases on various labels. His style a mix of post-hardcore, mathcore combines with Drum ‘N Bass & Gabber. His sound became defined with a more hometown style late 2012 and he have played a couple PRSPCT events since. By 2015 he earned the title mayor of Breakcore according Parabellum and by the end of 2017 he released his best of 5 years where the journey from Liquid Drum & Bass to Jungle and the hybrid of harder Styles became more then clear.


The Gentleman Squatter & MC Metronoom (UK/NL) [Construct Sound] — Live!!

Elliot started squatting in abandoned buildings straight out of high school in a multitude of different cities (Such as Cambridge, London and Nijmegen) and helped crews organise raves and electronic music events (usually in the abandoned buildings)

One day he was in deep thought whilst smoking a spliff in an abandoned laboratory that he lived in. He decided to research deep into the world of audio production and audio engineering. Thus he decided to become a Jungle Producer and so The Gentleman Squatter was born.

At some point around the time he was living in Delft, The Gentleman Squatter met Irving Koulen who was born and raised in Rotterdam.  MC Metronoom, who’s a notorious MC within the Drum & Bass scene but still remaining largely underground. He has shared stages with Adi J, Aphrodite, MC Noia, Optiv, Ed Cox, Stivs and is a common host within the Hague & Rotterdam area at Dubstep and Drum & Bass events.


The Gentleman Squatter then founded the record label Construct Sound and manages the Construct Massive department, which is the section of the label that deals with Drum and Bass, Jungle, and other extreme rave music genres.

MC Metronoom signed to Construct Sound as not only an artist but a ‘Official Ambassador’ of the Record Label and Booking/Event Agency


The music they will bring will be sure to BURN DOWN THE DANCEHALL!

Don’t just take our word for it.. it actually happened once.

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This deal is meant for a European tour on the mainland of Europe. Shows outside of Europe are possible but may bring extra travel & visa costs.