The Gentleman Squatter spent his young life at private school where he learned how to classically sing and he honed his musical talent by composing classical/orchestral music scores

After school Elliot (The Gent..) then started squatting in abandoned buildings in a multitude of different cities (Such as Cambridge, London and Nijmegen) and helping crews organise raves and electronic music events (usually in the abandoned buildings)

It was during this period of his life he got into DJing because living in abandoned buildings was a boring undertaking unless you developed a hobby and DJing was the obvious choice for a musician in the particular circumstances (after all the equipment was available to use).

One day he was thinking to himself whilst smoking a spliff in an abandoned laboratory that he lived in. He thought “I used to compose orchestral music, and I was pretty good at it too! Why don’t I try and convert those skills into making the music that I DJ today.” and that was the day he decided to himself that he would research deep into the world of audio production and audio engineering.