DJ Psycho, Real Name Tariq Azam is a versatile
DJ having started off in his bedroom in East London with his first pair of decks when he was
just 14. He was a real Hip Hop fan when he was growing up liking Public Enemy, KRS1, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys after all.

When he reached his early teens the Acid House and Hard-core scenes were in fruition and he became
well known in the underground squat parties around the East End of London as a DJ. DJ Psycho,
through a friend’s sister was introduced to the Production House Records Crew at about the same
time and a lifelong friendship began with some of the Artists on the label such as DMS, The House
Crew and X-Static and he regularly attended events and gigs with the Production House Crew and
was around for the production of some of their classics.

DJ Psycho has played on some of the leading pirate radio stations in London including Axe FM and
Fantasy FM. Additionally, he was part of the infamous Outcry Syndicate, played at the OTT parties
and London Overground parties which brought warehouse parties back into the fold in the UK after
the Criminal Justice Act. He has played extensively in the UK, West Indies, Australia and Vietnam.
DJ Psycho plays a variety of styles depending on the promoter Hip Hop, Drum and Bass and Deep
House are the main genres he plays and he has an ability to get the crowd moving. He has played at
some of the best venues in London including Scala, Bagley’s Film Studios, 491 Gallery, 291 Gallery
and 333 amongst others. Additionally, he plays at many venues in Vietnam including Piu Piu,
Basement, Indika, Cargo Remote Beach Festival, Pogo Beach Club, Dragon Beach and others.