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BTrax | Construct Massive


Today is Btrax's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Sean Myers is a self-taught producer and songwriter, born in Yorkshire and based in the East of England. He was interested in music from an early age when he was introduced to instruments at school and quickly picked up the passion for several.

He moved onto EDM and found a fond outlet in drum and bass particularly, where he persevered through a spectrum of experimentation, keeping his growing SoundCloud fanbase well-fed with consistent new ideas over 6 years that express his progression.

He recently released a track on Construct Massive Lockdown, Vol. 1 which marks his record label debut. Having developing sides in both slick commercially pleasing and damaging niche flavours, it’s clear that he will eventually feature on multiple imprints, with a variety of DJs playing his tunes out to smash dancefloors in future raves.

Endurance Neuro (released on Construct Massive Lockdown, Vol.1) riles up the pace of this EP into a fearsome bionic wild cat of unrelenting machine claws that bid no introduction or farewell; The beat is crisp and bouncy due to tight separation into the respective frequency bands of drum types and harsh compression on those. Haunting keys provide an eery scene that is openly wandering through endless melancholic space. Read More...


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