Construct Sound

Construct Sound is a record label with a number of sub-labels that deal with a wide variety of genres. We release Garage, Hip Hop, Drum ‘N Bass, Techno, House, Deep, Jungle and are constantly adding new sounds and artists to our roster. We also offer services like mixing, mastering & full post-audio production for videos & games.

We also offer all types of creative services, from performing artists to audio-engineers, to enquire about audio engineering services please visit the Main Website

The Agency

As an agency we have a wide variety of different types of clients, including but not limited to videographers, dancers, live producers and of course DJs.

We also offer package deals, and we are open to negotiate any bespoke package of 2 or more artists you may want for your event.

As you may have noticed from our website, we have split up the artist’s into genre specific categories. Have a look through our agency roster by clicking on Construct Performers

Next Steps…

No matter if you want to book a whole tour with us or just a show, feel free to have a look at our performers & special package deals